Prestek Design Services is ideally suited to help small and medium businesses look and sell like big businesses. For over 28 years, I've helped improve bottom lines by supplying design, illustration, copywriting, marketing . . . advertising, collateral, web/e-commerce, social marketing, packaging, logo/corp. I.D. and more. If you have a need I can help you fill it. You've worked hard making your business grow and thrive . . . let me help you keep up the momentum.

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 Graphic Design
 (hourly or contractual)
 (hourly or contractual)
 (one hour minimum + hourly)
Corporate I.D., Product Development, Packaging, Collateral, Copy Writing Web, E-commerce, Copy Writing,
Social Marketing, SEO
Print, Web, Multi-Media
This is the core competency of PDS. 28+ years of graphic arts means I have touched on a little bit of everything. Generally, my design projects are full service (concept, design, copy writing, production, art direction) but you may avail yourself of any part of the process, supply whatever process you wish. I have experience working with overseas suppliers for those of you sourcing your products from the Far East/Pacific Rim.

Of course, any jobs I create can be brokered to any number of suitable print/conversion suppliers that I work with or I can interface with your print suppliers no matter where they may be. The Digital Workflow makes print sourcing from any supplier most anywhere a real part of the mix.

The web is a highly visual medium so it makes sense that you would employ visual people to create for it. In print, the printing press technician doesn't design your package, broadside or logo but for web, often "coders" build sites by using generic templates or build a solution that's filtered through non-visually oriented eyes. Take advantage of the same time honored rules of graphic design (white space, arrangement, texture, etc.) that apply to print and are perfectly suited to the web.

The Purpose Driven Site
Make your web site work for you. A web site designed around the latest ideas of “purpose driven” interaction can bring you leads and sales.
 The Purpose Driven Web Site Helps You
If your web site is little more than an online brochure, a purpose driven design might be your best alternative for increased sales.

Social Media Advertising
Social sites like Facebook are taking the Internet and smart phone areas by storm. With over eight hundred million users Facebook is a medium that shouldn't be ignored. Build advocates for your product or service and sell via the 21st century's version of Word-Of-Mouth. Powerful, long term and efficient and cost effective. A great medium for a local or national enterprise.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a web site is one thing but people finding it is another. The first step toward increasing visitors to your web site is Search Engine Optimization. SEO will improve the volume and quality of traffic to your site but SEO can't do it all. A program of paid inclusion (per click) and/or social media advertising should be implemented as well.

Paid Per Click/Inclusion
One of the better ways of driving visitors to your site is by buying clicks to your site based on search words. By paying only for "click throughs" to your site using only words that will interest your targeted audience, you filter who is interested in what you offer. Works effectively on a local or national level and costs can be managed efficiently.
Highly visual mediums like print and web need good visuals to support them and a less than great product or service shot can do more harm than good. Small Softbox Product Shot Example Consider: Once a photo of your product or service is taken, time stops for that moment. Any flaws or less than ideal situations are magnified by the fact that they are now static. Good photography is a must. If you have need for small product shots that need to be on your web site or in collateral material, I'm ready.

Sometimes a photo may need a bit of adjustment; sometimes it may need a lot . . . or a whole lot. Or maybe you have a need that only a "from the ground up" photo illustration can fill. Sometimes, stock photography can fill the bill with a little visual tweaking, making it the perfect shot for your needs. Whatever your need, adjusting color, removing artifacts, adding grand outdoor backgrounds, building and blending to create from scratch or maybe just adding the right reflection . . . it all can be done, let's talk.
Photoillustration Example
 Art Direction/Styling
 (hourly or contractual)
 (one hour minimum + hourly)
Product Development,
Packaging, Collateral, Copy Writing,
Web and E-Commerce

Print, Web, Multi-Media, Technology Application, Print Forensics
A photo isn't necessarily a photograph. A photograph is much more than a snapshot. I have generally found that the photographer's expertise and style is often not given its full due in the creation of a clear, good selling collateral piece. As I have told many clients over the years: "A product (or person) must look better than it does (they do) in real life. Once that photo is taken, time stops. Any flaws or imperfections are there for all to see for as long as the piece circulates." That said, most photographers prefer to collaborate with an Art Director. Somebody must carry the conceptual vision for your piece. An extra pair of eyes to keep quality high. That is the role of the Art Director. Additionally, simple photo styling (the setting-up of the product, acquiring of props and general management of the shoot) can make great products look as perfect as they deserve. Tap into over 28+ years of creating. It never hurts to get an independent third party to review the feasibility of a project or approach. In the pressure to create within short time lines, focus can be muddled or lost. Having a independent, knowledgeable opinion can put a project back on track, back within the budget or maybe pointed in a completely different, more productive, direction.

Forensic Review for Print
When a project doesn't look as expected, what went wrong? How can you prevent it from happening next time? If you are getting different stories from the different parties involved, a knowledgeable third party can examine a completed job to divine what the problem was, straighten things out and suggest a specific modus operandi to help prevent or eliminate problems in the future.

continued next column . . .

Forensic Review for Web
Once completed, web sites tend to grow organically, losing their initial feel and ease of navigation as things are added. In some instances maybe they never had those qualities to begin with. It's important to remember that a frustrated shopper is just a click away from leaving your site/store. Whatever your case, once again, a knowledgeable third party can examine where your site has gone, what you're are trying to do, and suggest a better way of accomplishing your tasks, easing a visitor through your site in a logical manner that helps sell product for you, not impede sales.

Technology Application
Is today's technology being properly applied to solve your unique problems? Is there a better way? Not all solutions require more technology. Some solutions require less. Everybody has e-commerce on his or her lips. How does it or can it apply to you? For example, in the e-commerce area, I have recommended devolved technology solutions that actually increased sales opportunities for the client. Reasonable, common sense problem solving never goes out of style.