This portfolio section displays a small selection of past projects in the categories listed to your left. Generally all concept, design, art direction, copy writing and production has been done by me. Nearly all of these are "clean sheet" projects — that is, the client specifies very broad targets and I build the solution. In some cases I have identified the audience and built to the market. In those instances where there has been contribution from others (i.e.: photography), proper credit is given in the description. Greater detail (copy transcripts, larger views etc.) can be accessed by clicking on the project examples

Restraint as style

It was once said by an associate: "You use restraint as your style". And that about says it all.




The discipline of design is simply defined as "the arrangement of elements for order plus interest". A simple definition that in practice is tough to achieve: Breaking through the clutter of images and propaganda the average person sees every day without creating clutter. If there is too much information to process the attention of the target audience wanders and the information is of little value. Arguably just as bad as too little information. Restraint, coupled with the "art" of design is the better solution.

Let the traditional design concepts of simplicity, white space and arrangement come together to make your projects more readable, functional and composed --- communicating easily with quality and sophistication.